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The monsters returned to Joilet for the fifth time last saturday and pictures are now up at 
Dekalb Coverage should be up by the end of the week and hopefully the new site will be up soon, I tried to put the new theme with the Joilet pictures but it didn't work.

Rockford and St Louis coverages now up! Dusty Barton has just compleated his first coverage and compleated my first for 2004. Head on over to event coverages for more!

Head on over to for coverage of Rockford Speedway's Eve of Destruction. There will be a few pictures that I put on the coverage.

Midwest Monsters

Dekalb Teaser!

 Torgeson Motorsports rolled into Dekalb for the second straight year, last year I was unable to attend the show. I guess I picked the wrong year to go. This years show was lacking, new cars were not brought in for the Saturday show, no dirt, the list goes on and on. Yet, the trucks managed to put on an ok show with the little room they had. 3 out of 4 trucks were sporting new bodies, Robert Miller in the American Thunder, and the new Goldberg and Rattlesnake trucks. Stay tuned for Rosemont coverage next week.


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